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Hi, I'm Paul

A People's Governor


"The 5 Smooth Stones"


1. All Housing Should Be Affordable


The New York State Government will work to reduce costs for landlords and property owners by 50% or more. The cost savings will be mandated to be used towards reducing rents by 50% or more.


2. Create a Division of Economic Health


New York State will place as a high priority the economic well being of its residents recognizing that an individual's economic health contributes greatly to their overall health. One major component of the Economic Health recovery is the establishing of a "New York Credit Score". Upon completion of a pre-approved financial education program an individual would receive a perfect 850 New York Credit Score. Lenders will only be allowed to consider a person's New York Credit Score as long as they are applying for anything within the state.


3. War on Wealth Gap


As a corollary to the War or Drugs and the War on Crime. A key priority will be to wage a War on The Wealth Gap. The disparity between rich and poor has created a New York with glaring inequities. A central component of attacking the wage gap will be to radically restructure how wages and salaries are calculated and distributed in this state.


4. Spread out New York


The State Government should lead the way in incentivizing more New Yorkers to move to different parts of the state to ease the concentration of population within downstate. Creating statewide opportunities to make all of New York attractive to live, start and move businesses to, work, and raise a family.


5. Establish a Year of Jubilee Commission


Along with student loan debts, this commission will be tasked to determine within the first 2 years of the new administration, how to responsibly and legally cancel various types of individual debts.



The Return to New York Plan


As more and more people leave the state of New York in search for more affordable living, New York will establish new metrics for determining property valuations, along with creating a quality of life centered around safety and affordability in order to stay competitive throughout the 50 states.


21st Century Taxing


A 21st Century Taxing Commission will  be established to completely revamp how revenue is raised in the state with the goal of spreading out the tax burden equitably, with the least amount of intrusion on the lives of New Yorkers. The Commission will also seek to phase down the state's dependency on crippling taxes such as Property Tax. 

Respect Our Seniors and Veterans 

New York will make a dramatic shift in focus to support senior citizens and veterans in an unprecedented manner.  State policies will ensure the economic viability of all seniors by ensuring that those seniors on fixed incomes are not spending more than 50 percent of their income on basic necessities, including housing.

Veterans residing in New York will likewise have the state's support in ensuring adequate resources and program geared toward quality of life, mental health, economic stability, and future prosperity are available to those who have served our country.

First in Education

The state will set a goal in becoming the number 1 state in the nation for education.  The state will take a student centered holistic approach to education that will be led by the input of experienced educators in the deep collaboration with parents and communities.  New York will also set a nationwide precedent in paying teachers the highest salaries in the nation by a wide margin to underscore the extreme importance the role education play in the development of the next generation and to continuously attract the talent.

Better Business

State policy will reflect New York's renewed commitment to creating the best business climate in the country.  With a small to medium size business focus, New York will ensure that the tax and regulatory climate is favorable to encourage business growth and not create unnecessary burdens to hinder businesses from flourishing.  Reducing tax and penalty burdens where necessary and removing bureaucratic red tape to encourage dynamic business growth will be a key priority.


Equality Meets Opportunity

The campaign to elect a "People's Governor" is rooted in the fundamental belief that the current trajectory of this state leaves ordinary New Yorkers with no choice but to leave the state they call home. This campaign seeks to have a head of state that is uniquely connected to the rest of the body in a way that the pain and struggles of ordinary New Yorkers is felt to the point of responding in real tangible ways.


This campaign understands that extreme and historic measures need to be taken to meet the urgent challenges of our times. This campaign firmly believes that government and those who lead it should not limit itself to traditional approaches based on what is thought possible, but should expand it's horizon to redefine the parameters of what is possible.


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